Phillip Malcolm

Phillip Malcolm is the author of the new crime thriller The Mantis PactPhillip Malcolm was born in 1950 in Bath, England.  He was educated at the City’s Technical School, from where he entered the publishing industry in 1967. Over the next thirty-five years, he wrote and produced large publications for blue-chip companies including manuals for complex industrial equipment and aircraft, including Concorde and Airbus.

From 1990, he ran his own technical publishing business with offices in three countries, but was forced to take early retirement through a serious illness.  The change of routine from being a globe-trotting executive to a retired homeworker allowed him the time to return to his first love, writing, and he has since published various articles, blogs and books on a wide range of factual subjects.

In recent years he has also produced fictional works, publishing some short stories on line before the lure of the Crime Thriller, a favourite genre in his own reading list, brought about the creation of The Mantis Pact, Phillip Malcolm’s first full novel.

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